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Career tests can be selected based on the your Position in your Career or Stage of Life. We offer you the ability to search for career test assessment as a Student or Adult or as an Executive, Professional or Tradesperson.

Career Tests for Students and corresponding career reports provide college information, part-time and summer jobs leading to "best fit" or suitable career as well as learning strategies, volunteer opportunities to develop skills, and college majors and courses of study.

Career Tests For Adults and corresponding career reports only include charts of test results. Adult career tests are divided into three categories:

Professional Career Test - for adults who are seeking career development test, career management tests, career change test, career transition tests, career discovery tests, career plan test, career path assessments.

Executive Test or Leadership Test - for adults who hold a position of authority as managers, directors, or Vp and are seeking career tests such as executive personality test, executive function test, executive inventory, leadership test, leadership personality test, leadership ability test, leadership skill test, leadership traits test,managerial aptitude test, managerial personality test.

Tradesperson/Labor/Front-Line Test - for adults who hold primarily physical hand-on-front-line sercive work and are seeking simple personality tests, basic personality tests, simple career test, simple aptitude test for job or career options and work suggestions.

Team and Organizational - career tests are for persons seeking career tests that address group issues such as conflict resolution, communication, team player, team building, team performance, interpersonal relationships, and so on.

Select your career test based on Your Position.


Career Tests for Students Career Test with College Information College and Career Tests

Career & College
Pt & Summer Job
Course/Major Info
Volunteer Opps
Best Fit Careers
Career Progress

Professional seeking career tests career development tests career management tests career performance tests

Career Change
Career Develop
Career Manage
Career Revisioning
Career Discovery
Career Perform
Stress Managemt
Job Satisfaction


Executive_Director_Manager_seeking leadership tests_Leadership_development_tests_leadership_style_tests_career_tests

Leadership Develop
Leadership Style
Leadership Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Influence Skills

Tradesperson and Administrative Clerical Person seeking seeks career tests for new career

Career Options
Job Options
Basic Easy Quick
Job Performance

Organization Team seeks team building tests team performance tests team enhancement tests conflict resolution tests

Conflict Resolution
Team Player
Team Building
Individuals in Orgs
Team Performance

"Originally I didn’t think the tests would tell me THAT much.  But they did.  And the follow-up questions [in the consult process] gave me some important “ahhas”."

Lydia B, IT Manager, Fortune 500 Insurance Company



Thanks so much for your help. Hope to continue our relationship in 1999 with your coaching. I'm sure I will be a "winner" soon.

Thanks, Siri